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!00+ commands, easy to use and beginner friendly, serving 3000+ users. Invite Saturn now!

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Introducing Saturn🪐 A multi-purpose discord bot which has pretty much everything you need

Saturn is a completely free and beginner friendly bot that has go you covered on all sides with over a hundred commands to help you make a brilliant server and a great community.

Here's a brief overview of the many features it has; ⩺ ⚖️ Moderation ⩺ 🎵 Music ⩺ 📊 Server statistics ⩺ 🛡️ Administration ⩺ 😁 Fun commands

And there's a ton more to come!

It is currently serving 2000+ members and has gotten a positive reaction. The bot is new so there might be some issues but you can always report them at our server

The bot is online 24/7 and only goes down for updates or to refresh its system.

We hope this bot proves itself useful for you, enjoy!