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A discord music bot with extra coolio features!

Prefix: -

Moosik is a discord music bot with support of alot features, and full support of Spotify and YouTube!

In my opinion, the key feature of this bot is its playlist system, you can have your own playlist in Moosik by either saving a queue, manually adding songs to playlist, or best of all, directly import it from YouTube or Spotify!

A couple commands are:

-play [song name] | play a song -skip | skip current track -stop | disconnect the bot from the vc -loop [type] | loop a track or the entire queue -volume [volume] | set the volume, earrape is cool. -clear | clear the queue -shuffle | shuffle the queue -queue | list of songs in queue -np | now playing -pause | pauses the current track -resume | resumes the current track -remove [track number] | remove a track from queue -save [name] | saves queue to a playlist with inputted namem-load [name] | loads a playlist intothe queue -playlists | shows list of user’s playlists -playlists [playlist name] | shows all the songs in the playlist -playlists create [playlist name] | creates an empty playlist for you to add songs manually -playlists import [playlist link] [playlist name] | import a Spotify or YouTube playlist -lyrics [song] | gets lyrics of targetted song

And more songs in the bot itself!