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Moderation Utility


A multipurpose bot that helps automate actions in your server. Features many unique utility and fun commands.

Prefix: =

Categories Infinity Help 1) Channel Channel Commands 2) Conversion Conversion commands. 3) Data Data from websites or api 4) Fun Fun commands. 5) Image Image Commands 6) Info Info about bot and related servers. 7) Maths Maths commands. 8) Members Information about members. 9) MiniGames Minigames. 10) Moderation Moderation Commands. 11) profile User based commands. 12) server Server Commands 13) utility Utility commands for server.

Special Functions 1) Bookmarking system React to a message with 🔖 to bookmark the message. The bot will send and pin a message in your dms which contain the content and jump link to the message you bookmarked. Refering to the bookmark message with remark remark can add a field to the embed containing the remark you made. 2) QR Generator * qr \ to generate a qr code.*