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Fun Utility Social Anime


Action commands, Advanced Mention System, Pagination, Server Configuration, Utility, and much more!

Prefix: ~ (Customizable)

Tsumiki - A Discord Bot


Tsumiki is an anime-themed action bot. She is written in Javascript, interacting with Discordjs library.

She is constantly being improved on and new action commands are added regularly.

Ever since the project began in 2019, she has grown rapidly in servers.

So why not add Tsumiki to yours as well?



Command Examples


Ever wanted to pat someone over discord in a cool way? Well, now you can!

Because who doesn't love being patted these days uwu

Mention System Showcase


Bring back the nostalgic "shipping" that everybody loved...

Well, that is, until you got shipped with your crush and they rejected your existence... But yeah... Enjoy shipping users in a fancy way!

Ship Command Showcase

Husbando & Waifu rate

We all know how we love to boast about someone being the ideal waifu or husbando...

But how accurate or how far off are we exactly? Find out today!

Husbando & Waifu rate

Anime/Manga search

Search through Kitsu or MyAnimeList database.

Here you can find detailed information about any added Anime or Manga!

Kitsu Command Showcase


These are just a few out of the 90+ commands available to you!


Do you need help with Tsumiki?

See one of Tsumiki's official guides or join our Discord server for further help!


Want to see all of Tsumiki's commands?

You can find them here on Tsumiki's official website.