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Divination made accessible - in-depth meanings via Tarot, Runes, Lenormand, and related systems

Fun Utility Social Configuration

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El Mod

El Mod is a next generation Discord Bot is many features from moderating, logging, to meme and radio commands.

Moderation Logging

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Um bot muito bacana que foi feito de forma zoeira e virou algo sério do nada kkkkk, mas seguinte se você for humilde vota e adiciona ele

Moderation Fun Utility

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Want a bot to count you down to the days till Easter then why not invite EasterBot to your server. What EasterBot can do?


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AkkoBot the simple small bot, made for your server!

Fun NSFW Social Anime

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A General Multi-Purpose Discord Bot. It has Memes, Random Functions, Fun, Image Manipulation, 8Ball and more cool unique stuff to play with.

Fun Utility Social

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New Approved Bots:

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A discord music bot with extra coolio features!


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The best non-premium music bot for discord made by Chinmay Jha

Fun Music

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The Best Music Bot with Highest Quality you ever used! Clear Interface with Buttons40+ filters1100+ Sites Supported


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A simple nsfw bot

NSFW Social

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Vixirus, the new Music bot made for the only purpose, to entertain people with its high quality music.

Fun Music Utility

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!00+ commands, easy to use and beginner friendly, serving 3000+ users. Invite Saturn now!


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